I Am Autumn

I can feel it all around me –
the future, and the love, and everything I want,
in the framework of the wood,
and the strings that grace the chestnut gloss of the violin next to where I stood.
In the hairs of my bow, shivering with eagerness to cry out the notes of the next song that he will compose.
I can feel them everywhere, the feelings that I cannot share,
the longing, and anticipation, for everything I want.
I can feel them in the canvases that drape my light blue wall,
teasing me with autumn colours, and the places I wish to haunt.
My candle flickers promises, which tell nothing, which tells all.
Sweet notes fill the silence, and my eyes with heartfelt tears.
Chills run across my skin, and turn the eastward wind cool,
where it will blow through the years.
And I  can feel it, this moment that stands still, as it always will.
In this moment I am autumn.
My dreams will make the leaves turn, my waking make them fall.
My nostalgia will make the grass grow, and my remorse will make it burn.
I can feel it all around me, all I want to know,
and wanting, someday, will be enough,
because wanting makes it so.



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