An Introduction of Some Sort

            As an impatient person, I found it very difficult to wait until I had an actual blog to start creating posts, and therefore impossible not to apply those two posts as soon as I did get a blog. So where anyone else might give an introduction in their first entry, mine will be in the third. I’m not very good at introductions, but no one is, really, except for people like Obama and Kim Kardashian. I do not aspire to be that famous (or should I say, infamous), but I’ll do my best on an intro.

My name is Not Important. I’m 18 years old, but that isn’t very important, either. What is important is that I’m happy. Someone once asked me what made me happy, and I replied to them, “everything”. Because what isn’t bittersweet? There is nothing in this world, not in the darkest of moments or deepest of depths, that creates inescapable unhappiness. Until the last star dies out, there will always be light in the world.

What is important is that I’m cheesy, and I like to be cheesy. I like over-analyzed metaphors and complicated analogies, and anything that might make a cubicle-worker or gothic girl cringe. I like exaggeration, but only in a modest sense of the word. I like to occasionally make no sense, because whatever logic that a reader applies to something unintelligible is the most true logic that they can get, for it is true of themselves.

What is important is that I want to go places, and take photos along the way. And when I say ‘go places’, I don’t just mean it in a metaphorical sense. I mean, I want to get on a plane, or in a car, or on a boat, and see the stars from a different latitude. I want to marvel at the fact that the sun goes sideways in one place, and overhead in another. I want to meet the people, experience the culture, taste the food, and feel the grass that all come together under that one view of the sky. All the perspectives of the people of any place will be uniquely their own, and I want to look at life from as many different viewpoints as I am able to in my lifetime.

What else is not so important is that I have no intentions of keeping a consistent blog. I mean this in the sense that, if you like your blogs to consistently show you pictures of Justin Beiber holding kittens, or if you want me to update you on how many cups of coffee I drink a day, everyday, then this blog is not for you. I simply write about whatever I feel like writing about. That may be a wide variety of things, from boring birthday parties to philosophical prose. And if dry wit and sarcasm are not your cup of tea, then this party is probably not for you.

What is important is life. And I am here to capture that with photos, and relive it with written and annotated memories, in the hopes that others can live through my experiences as I hope to live and learn from theirs.

What is important is not why I’m making this blog, but what goes in to it and gives it a purpose.


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